About Fleadome Act

Fleadome Act's proprietary formula is not only non-toxic and biodegradable, it performs unlike other traditional "insecticides" as it does not effect the nervous system of insects, nor any other animal life. Fleadome Act works by suffocating insects. It is nano-technology. Its tiny particles enter the insect via "sphericals" (tubes) in the exoskeleton, and the insect breathes it in. Additionally, scientific evidence suggests that the formulation also acts as a protein degrader, and fleas have a protein base on their exoskeleton (as do mosquitoes).

Why our products are better

Most insecticides, both natural (ie Pyrethrum, distilled from the Chrysanthemum flower) and synthetic, are neurotoxins, which effect the insect's nervous system and kills the insect quickly depending on dosage, exposure, and anatomy of the insect. By the way, a synthetic Pyrethrum, known as Permethrin, dominates the mosquito misting market. The dangers are of mixed opinion, however Permethrin is highly toxic to cats, and many flea/tick remedies which specify "for dogs only" or "not safe for cats" contain Permethrin. Additionally, the runoff from using Permethrin is toxic to most plant and aquatic life (plant and animal). Also, neurotoxins in insecticide act as neurotoxins to other animals, and humans.

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