Flea Bites

Flea Bites - Things You Should Know

When you have pets in your house, you and your pets are at higher risks for flea bites. It seems that no matter how hard you try to prevent them, they always find a way to make a home on your pets.

Why Do Fleas Bite?

Fleas are bloodsucking creatures which feed on warm blooded creatures. Fleas are found all over the world and have been causing many pet owners problems with flea bites for years. When a flea bites on a particular spot of the body, it is usually the saliva from flea bites that cause irritation to the host.With quick jumping capability it is possible for the flea to transfer from one host to another, continuing its habit of biting and feeding.

Symptoms of Flea Bites

Flea bites can cause a few different types of irritation, most commonly seen symptom is itching. You most likely notice there is a problem right away by your pets constant scratching and chewing. Pets usually feel a flea traveling on their skin. They can feel a tickle that lets them know where to dig and chew. Keep in mind that a flea has a hardy appetite, which usually means more flea bites.A single flea can nibble on your pet more than 350 times in a single day! You will notice your pet becoming obsessed with cleaning itself, which can lead to hair loss and hot-spots, or allergic dermatitis. Rashes will make your pet vulnerable to infection and if left untreated can make your pet quite ill. A sick animal then becomes susceptible to anemia. If ingested by your pet, fleas can also transmit tapeworms to your pet.

What are the Dangers of Flea Bites?

There are many dangers associated with flea bites. As a matter of fact, fleas were considered the main cause of the dreaded bubonic plague through flea bites. While the most commonly seen reaction of flea bites is flea bite allergy dermatitis, there is still a variety of dangers associated with flea bites. A problem commonly overlooked is tapeworms, when pets try to relieve the itch by scratching and chewing it is possible for them to ingest the fleas, if left untreated tapeworms cnd be very harmful to your pets. With flea bites exposing your pet to many harmful situations, the best way to prevent and kill fleas is with a natural and safe product. Fleadome Act was designed with your pets health and safety in mind. Fleadome Act's proprietary formula is not only non-toxic and biodegradable, it performs unlike other traditional "insecticides" as it does not effect the nervous system of insects, nor any other animal life. Fleadome Act helps control fleas by suffocation. It is nano-technology. Its tiny particles enter the insect via "sphericals" (tubes) in the exoskeleton, and the insect breathes it in. Additionally, scientific evidence suggests that the formulation also acts as a protein degrader, and this is beneficial as the exoskeleton of fleas has a protein base (as do mosquitoes). Get rid of fleas and prevent your pets from possible problems associated with flea bites by using Fleadome Act.