Flea Control Poisons

Flea Control Products Proven Dangerous

Every year pet owners spend millions of dollars on commercial flea control products, unknowingly putting themselves and their pets at risk. Fortunately, there is a safer and more effective way of treating and preventing fleas. For years, the commercial flea control manufacturers dominated the market with their "miracle" flea control products, until, recent reports stated that these "safe" flea control products were actually detrimental to you and your pets health.

Flea Control ... What Buyers Need To Know

The most commonly used flea control product used today is the "spot-on" treatment, sold under names such as Frontline and Advantage. The active ingredient in these commercial flea control products include chemicals such as imidacloprid, fipronil, permethrin, methoprene, pyriproxyfen, all of which have been reported to cause serious health problems in animals in laboratories. With the rise of complaints of adverse reactions due to spot-on flea control products the Environmental Protection Agency announced it was "intensifying its evaluation of spot-on pesticide products for flea control." Do not be fooled, other flea control products such as powders and collars, are just as dangerous to your pet's health. The disturbing part about spot-on flea control treatments is that the package directly tells consumers to "avoid contact with skin," but isn't this the product we apply to your beloved pets? This flea control product is applied directly to your pets skin and absorbed through their blood stream, if it's so "safe" why do they warn you about avoiding skin contact? Signs to watch for if you suspect pesticide poisoning are vomiting, diarrhea, trembling, seizures,and respiratory problems. I f you witness any of symptoms listed above you should immediately wash the product off your pet and seek veterinary care.

Natural Flea Control

When using any flea control product, always, make sure your pets health and safety is your first priority. Natural flea control products are very successful in treating and preventing fleas. Fleadome Act products are an excellent example of a safe and effective flea control. Fleadome Act products are also very effective when used on furniture, pet bedding, or any other areas your pet may come in contact with. When trying to get rid of fleas, always remember that the dogs living environment (ex. your home) needs to be treated for fleas as well. With the use of a flea comb and Fleadome Act natural flea killer, consumers have a much higher success rate at getting rid of fleas naturally.