Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is Fleadome Act?

Answer: Fleadome Act is a brand new topical flea control product from PetsLife International.  Fleadome Act is all-natural, non-toxic, so it is completely safe for all your pets.

Question: How does it work?

Answer: Fleadome Act uses microscopic particles to interfere with the flea's ability to breathe which results in repertory failure, and almost instant death.  Fleas and other insects breathe through microscopic tubes in their skin where they take in oxygen.  Fleadome Act's micro particles clog these tubes which results in death without the need for using any harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Question: What are the ingredients?

Answer: Although the exact formulation is proprietary, the main ingredients consist of Water, corn oil, soybean oil, sodium lauryl sulfate and other natural extracts.

Question: Where is it made?

Answer: Fleadome Act is manufactured in Delray Beach Florida, USA.

Question: Is it safe for my pets?

Answer: Yes! Fleadome Act is completely safe for use on all your pets and will not cause any burning, rash, or any other negative reaction.

Question: How often can I use it?

Answer: Fleadome Act is safe to use as often as it is needed.

Question: How much do I need use?

Answer: Very little Fleadome Act is needed to kill fleas but direct contact works the best so apply generously to ensure that the solution reaches its target.

Question: How do I apply Fleadome Act?

Answer: Simply spray or apply the foam to the affected area. For even greater results, rub the spray or foam deep into their fur.  You can usually tell which areas of your pet have fleas from where your pets are spending the most time scratching.

Question: How quick does it work?

Answer: Fleadome Act works within seconds of contact. 

Question: Is Fleadome Act a Preventative?

Answer: Fleadome Act is a flea treatment, so we recommend using Fleadome Act in conjunction with a safe preventative product.

Question: How long will one bottle last?

Answer: This will depend on how often you use Fleadome Act but one bottle should last between 2-3 months.

Question: I have a cat, can I still use Fleadome Act?

Answer: Yes! Fleadome Act Foam-Up was designed specifically for cats since traditional sprays would be hard to apply.  Many traditional flea medication use pesticides such as permetherin which is toxic to cats.  Fleadome Act contains no harmful ingredients so it is 100% safe to use on your cats.

Question: Will Fleadome Act work on ticks, eggs and other insects?

Answer: Yes! Fleadome Act will actually work on all insects including fleas, ticks, eggs, mosquitoes, fruit flies and other pests.