Fleadome Act - Available as a Spray or a Foam

For mild cases of fleas or as a preventative measure, use the Fleadome Act Spray. For severe cases, dogs with thick fur, or for cats we recommend using the Fleadome Act Foam so you can massage it into their fur.

Fleadome Act is All Natural

Fleadome Act is the first ever flea medication that utilizes state of the art ingredients which causes respiratory failure in the flea. By utilizing this new method there is no need for harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients that are common in most flea products. With Fleadome Act, you know that the only thing in danger are the fleas!

Fleadome Act is Odorless

Unlike other natural flea products, Fleadome Act has no odor to speak of so there is no overwhelming, long lasting odor that will linger for days and days on your pet and in your house.

Fleadome Act Kills on Contact

By interfering with the flea's ability to breath, Fleadome Act causes respiratory failure and almost instantaneous death. Simply apply directly on the flea or on the affected area and Fleadome Act will take care of the rest.

Fleadome Act is Easy to Apply

Fleadome Act Spray Away and Fleadome Act Foam Up make it extremely easy to apply to your pet. Simply spray on the affected area and your job is done. Because most cats do not like to be sprayed with anything, Fleadome Act Foam Up is a perfect solution. Simply apply the foam to the affected area and massage it in to the cats fur. Simple and easy.